Please remember social distancing and care for others when visiting.

Other people may be more cautious than yourself so give plenty of space.

It will take time for us all to adjust to the new restrictions and guidelines.

We are a grower and supplier of shrubs, trees and herbaceous perennials.
 Our Nursery at Irish Hill Road, Newtownabbey is situated within easy reach of the M2 Motorway and just off the Larne Line (main Belfast to Larne Road).
  We are a trade "Garden Centre" and have a large selection of plants to cater for your needs, with many new & unusual varieties. We can also source plants through our network of nurseries throughout Europe.
We also stock fertiliser, tree posts and ties, compost, peat, ground cover fabric etc - everything you need to plant our plants or trees.
  • Shrubs

  • Trees

  • Azalea & Rhododendron

  • Japanese Maples including specimens.

  • Climbers

  • Bamboos

  • Herbaceous Perennials

  • Grasses

  • Topiary shrubs

  • Specimen shrubs

  • Fruit Bushes and Trees

  • Bare Root Hedging and Trees

  • Root balled Shrubs and Trees

  • Imported Italian Specimens

  • Ground cover matting

  • Wooden posts & tree ties

  • Composted bark, compost, horse manure, ericaceous compost

  • Bonemeal & fertiliser

wholesale nursery growing and supplying a wide range of herbaceous shrubs and trees. Bare Root and Root Ball plants in volume.Many plants have RHS award of garden merit.which means they are strong and healthy varieties suited to our climate.

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